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          The Prince of Wales has asked me to write and thank you for your kindness and generosity in purchasing the painting which, with Bruno Wu's much appreciated assistance. His Royal Highness donated to the Sichuan Province Earthquake Appeal. The Prince was appalled by the devastation and suffering caused by the earthquake and is delighted that a fund has been established to help those affected, and is enormously grateful to you for supporting it.

          His Royal Highness sends his heartfelt thanks and warmest good wishes.

          威尔斯亲王让我写给您,并感谢您的仁慈和慷慨购买这幅画,与Bruno Wu非常感谢殿下对四川省地震的援助,王子对地震带来的破坏感到震惊和痛苦,一基金已经帮助那些受难者,并极大地感谢您的支持。